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Medieval Faire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Court Jester

Q. When is the Faire?
A. Saturday October 20, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Q. Where is the location of the Medieval Faire?
A. The Faire takes place in the Nave and Undercroft of the Cathedral of All Saints. A link to our directions page can be found by clicking here.
Q. Where can I park?
A. On a Saturday there is plenty of parking on the streets near the Cathedral.  Also, just across Elk Street are State parking lots which are available on a Saturday.
Q. What are your admission prices?
A. Adults are $10, Seniors and students are $8, children from ages four to 12 are $5 and children under 4 are free.
Q. Do you have any reduced price group sales, free tickets for schools or non-profit agencies, or discounts for large families?
A. No, our admission prices are limited to those listed.
Q. Is the Cathedral accessible to people with limited physical mobility?
A. In part, yes. The Cathedral can be entered from South Swan Street without having to climb steps, by a ramp to a door to the left of the main entrance - someone will have to open it from the inside. Please ask for assistance. The Nave (main part of the Cathedral) is on one level, but there is a step down to the Lady Chapel and two steps up into the choir.  There is a handicapped accessible rest room on this level, just inside the main doors.  Access to the lower level, where most of the food is sold, is by a staircase.
Q. What is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and how can I find out more about them?
A. SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of the pre-17th-century Europe.  Most members adopt the persona and costume of an individual from the Middle Ages.  SCA members will be involved in costumed demonstrations throughout the day. They have been a colorful part of the Medieval Faire since 1979.  For those who want to learn more about this group there will be a SCA information table open downstairs in Pederson Hall during Medieval Faire.
Q. Can I come in costume?
A. Please do - young or old, you can come as a high lord or lady, a little princess, a monk, a simple serf, or one of Robin Hood's Merry Men. One year someone came as a dragon! Lucky for us we had a number of knights on duty to protect the Cathedral.
Q. What entertainers will be at the Faire and what times will they perform?
A. The Medieval Faire Entertainment Schedule is below .  Please note, times and performers are subject to change.

In the Nave (Upstairs)
10:00 Jim Davis (harp)
11:00 Mike McCrea (Juggler)
11:30 Pokingbrook Morris Dancers
1:00 Mike McCrea (Juggler)
1:30 Pokingbrook Morris Dancers
2:00 Enthronement of the Child Bishop
2:30 Merdwin the Mediocre
3:00 Fashion Show by Society for Creative Anachronism
3:30 Dancing by Society for Creative Anachronism
4:00 Merdwin the Mediocre

In St. John’s Chapel (Upstairs)
11:00 Punch & Judy (Puppet Show)
2:30 Punch & Judy (Puppet Show)

Pederson Hall (Downstairs)
11:00 Jim Davis (Harp) 1hr.
12:00 Mike McCrea (Juggler)
12:30 Helderberg Madrigal Singers
1:30 Ann Carter (Harp) 2 hr.

In the Lady Chapel (Upstairs)
12:00 Adirondack Baroque Consort (Music)
12:30 Bleecker Consort (Music)
Q. I am an entertainer and would like to perform at the Faire, how can I get more information?
A. Please contact the Entertainment Coordinator, Dan Odell, at
Q. What kind of craft vendors will be at the Faire?
A. Over 30 vendors, in appropriate costume, sell natural and handmade items that might have been available for sale in the middle ages.  
Q. What  vendors will be at the 2012 Faire?
A. The vendors below, listed by individual name, business name (if different), and items sold, are expected.  Please note that this list is subject to change.
Schneider, Sarah: "Family Place" -  Jewelry
Pelzer, Mary Jane:  - Soaps
DePan, Ellie: "Designs by Les Jumelles" - Handmade purses
Blakeman, Kathleen: "Fine Feathers" - Jewelry
Rhindress, Meredith: "Round Mountain Designs" - Stained Glass
Sanderson Poppet: "Division Street Designs"  - Hats and Headbands
DesMola, Lou:  - Wooden Bowls and Oil Lamps
Loux, Marjorie & Joseph: "The Recorder Shop" - Sheet Music and Recorders
Murman, Barbara: "Yarn Angels",  -  Knitted Shawls
Calise, Jurate: "Grace Emporia"- Shawls & Scarves
Taylor, Coleen: "The Bloomin’ Piper"  Fresh flowers
Easterly, Sally: - Face painting
Janssen, Mary: "Elderberry Mary"  - Homemade jams & jellies
Dyjak, Edward & Marta: "European Craft" - Inlaid boxes & wooden crafts
Bates, DonnaMarie:  - Jewelry
 Robertson, Karen: "Whatta Doll Studio" - Dolls
Kuhn, Audrey Grendahl: - Pastel art &  quilts
Moryl, Susan: "Thistle Hill"  -  Carved gourds
Hunter, Anne: "Wicked Good Baskets" - Baskets
Michalski, Kate: "Hummingbird Haven" - Herbs & spices
Dzuba, Oksana: - Nesting dolls & Russian décor
Johnson, Dolores:  "DJ Creations" -  Embroidery
Smith, Mike & Lynn: "Smithcraft"  - Candles and jewelry
Perry, Maria: "Flights of Fantasy" - Books & games
Beiter, Mike: - Clay sculptures
Wojtowicz: Stephanie & Arlene  - "Whispering Birches", Pottery
Craig, Debi: "Pistachio Puppets" - Hand puppets
Koruz, Maria: "Zoe’s Armoire" - Scarves & hats
Gardner, Mary Beth: - Handpainted glassware
Stancampiano, Kathy: "Sadie’s Suitcase" - dog sweaters
Also, The Cathedral Choir will have a booth, selling recorded music from their performances

Q. I sell crafts and would like to be a craft vendor at the Faire.  How do I get more more information?
A. Please contact the Vendor Coordinator, Carol Orr at  
Q. What food and drink is sold at the Faire and what are the prices?
A. The following is a list of food and prices (subject to change):
Downstairs in the Dining Room - 
      Chicken Sandwich - $4
      Cream of Mushroom Soup - $3.50
      Vegetarian Lentil Soup - $3.50 
      Cheese Croustade - $3
      Good Shepard's Pie & Salad - $5
      Pretzel - $1
      Donut - $1
      Cookie - $1 
      Peach Cobbler $4
      Bottled Water - $1
      Apple Cider - $1   
      Lemonade - $1
      Ale - $4
      Mead - $5
      Wine - $5
      Coffee $1
       Tea - $1 
Hot Dog - $2.50
Sausage on Roll - $4
Chips - $1
Pretzel - $1
Donut - $1
Cookie - $1

Cupcake - $1
Bottled Water - $1
Apple Cider - $1
Lemonade - $1
Ale - $4
Wine - $4
Mead - $5
Coffee - $1
Tea - $1
Q. I am a food vendor and would like to vend at the Faire, how can I get more information?
A. Sorry, we don't use outside food vendors. All food and beverages are sold directly by the Cathedral. 
Q. Will tours of the Cathedral be available?
A. Tours of the Cathedral will be provided from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, usually on the half hour but times are subject to change.  Tours will be announced over the public address system.
Q. Are volunteers still needed to help put on the Faire?
A. Yes, volunteers are greatly needed at the Cathedral on Tuesday October 16 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM to help move chairs and prayer books from the Nave and to put tables in place for vendors.  Volunteers are also needed to help clean up after the Faire starting at 5:00 PM on Saturday October 20.  Please come help.  Volunteers have fun and meet some nice people.  Want more information? Contact Faire Co-chair Dan Odell at
Q. I have a question that isn't on this FAQ list.  Who can I ask?
A. If your question is about the 2012 Medieval Faire, please contact Faire Co-chair Dan Odell at For other questions about the Cathedral, please call the office at 465-1342.