The Cathedral of All Saints is a part of the Empire Haiti Coalition. In addition to the Cathedral, this coalition is comprised of St. John’s Episcopal Church - Troy, NY; St. George’s Episcopal Church - Clifton Park, NY; St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church - Albany, NY; St. Paul's - Albany, NY; St. Stephen's - Delmar, NY ; and the nonprofit To Love a Child - Clifton Park, NY.

The coalition works with one Episcopal Parish, the parish of the Holy Spirit located in Lascohobas, Haiti. In this case “one” really means “six”. There is one priest, The Reverend Pére Jean Milor Medela (Father Milor), who has his home parish in the city of Lascohobas and then has five mission churches in surrounding villages. These mission churches are hours away from each other including several that require either a hike or a canoe to reach. To read more about the Coalition, how it works, and more click here.

In August 2011 Dean Collum made an inital trip with Cindy Schmel of St. John's, Troy. Dean David Collum spent a week in Haiti. The trip had several goals: To learn more about Haiti, to bring back information to help the Cathedral evaluate its role in the coalition, and to bring the love of Jesus Christ to those visited. Upon his return Dean Collum said, “I learned a great deal on the trip. It was an intense trip, I believe we can really help, and it is clear that the Lord is active in Haiti.”  For more information on Dean Collum’s trip click here.

Father Milor has asked The Cathedral of All Saints to sponsor the mission parish of The Ascension in the village of Poulé. This village is about an hour drive on some very rough roads from Father Milor’s home parish of The Holy Spirit. For more on the village of Poulé click here.

The Cathedral of All Saints has taken on this challenge and has been sponsoring the school since September of 2011. The school has 120 students. We basically pay the teachers salaries.

Our big news is we just returned from a trip in February 2012 where we installed Solar Power in the Church, worked the kids in school, and more, click here for more information.

 In our work with the Empire Haiti Coalition and Fr. Milor we can make a real difference.