A Taste of Torah


ManReadingTorah.jpgIf the Sixteenth Century Reformation is the backdrop for the formation of the Anglican Church, so the Torah is the backdrop for the formation of the Early Church. As Anglican liturgy stands on the shoulders of Catholic liturgy, with a distinctively grace oriented theology, so the worship of the Early Church stands on the shoulders of Temple worship, with a distinctively Jesus oriented theology.




TorahHebrew.jpgWhat, then is the Torah? We know it consists of the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures; can we articulate much more than that? Perhaps we identify the Torah with The Law. Perhaps we identify it with Genesis and Exodus, familiar stories to our Sunday School ears. Do we need to know more? How about an Introduction to the Hebrew language?



We will attempt to answer these questions (and do a little Hebrew) in our Tuesday Cathedral Studies in the five weeks leading up to Advent, beginning on October 23rd. Each class will be self contained, so one does not have to commit to attending every session. Come and join us; from 6:30 - 7:30 PM in Pederson Hall. As always there will be light refreshments. (This class will also be taught following the Tuesday Noon Eucharist.)


"In the Beginning, ...." Genesis 1:1, and John 1:1

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