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Come and See

A message from the Venerable David J. Collum,

Dean of the Cathedral of All Saints



Thank you for visiting The Cathedral of All Saints website; I want to encourage you to come and see! The Cathedral is a very special place and as you explore our website my hope is that you might be drawn to “come and see.” I recognize your time is precious and so let me get right to the point. My prayer is that you will not only “come and see” a glorious building, but that you will come, see, and I pray, find God.

At The Cathedral we believe that there really is a God, a God who loves us, and desires for us to know Him deeply. We understand His love most fully in that He sent His Son into this world. If you pause for just a moment and ponder that there might be a God, and that this God cares about you, enough to come to earth – it is an awesome thought. So we strive to be a group of people who accept Jesus’ love, and who respond by worshipping God and trying to follow His Son's example.

We know that many churches promise that their church is a place of love. Don’t get us wrong. We really try hard to be a people who love each other, and the world. Yet we know all too well that the world is a challenging place – sometimes we get bruised and sometimes we bruise others. 

And so, in the Pioneer Cathedral of the Episcopal Church, we gather as a community:

The High Alter at The Cathedral

The High Altar at The Cathedral of All Saints.
Photo: D. Regimbald

  • At times we worship God in the grandeur of a beautiful cathedral and in joyous response to His love for us made known in His Son.
  • At other times we come together for fellowship and study.
  • Still at other times we come seeking forgiveness.
  • And there are times we come to receive healing through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.
  • In all, we at the Cathedral are trying to allow God to shape us into the image He has created.  

Our hope is that the Cathedral is a place you might feel as if you can belong. It can be challenging to visit a church. The experiencing of something new for the first time can be exhilarating, but also a little intimidating. That is why at the Cathedral of All Saints we invite you to just come and see. The hope is that you will feel that it is  fine if you stay with us awhile as you determine if this is a place you can belong. When you come we pray that you will find people who not only make you feel welcome, but you will also find a group of people who are trying to follow Jesus. That means we are working to behave a certain way, and that behavior flows from our beliefs.

Our model of community is simple: come and see if this is a place where you might belong by staying with us for awhile. As you are with us spend some time watching us try to behave the way Jesus describes we should. Finally, if you feel as if this is a place you can belong and our behavior is worth emulating, then spend some time to understand how our behavior flows from our beliefs.

It all starts with a visit, so “come and see.”