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The Cathedral of All Saints - About Us

Consider visiting the first great Cathedral built in the Episcopal Church. Begun in 1884 and opened for worship in 1888, this church has been a place of daily worship for 130 years. Here, day by day in corporate prayer and private devotion, we practice our faith as followers of Jesus. We celebrate that He, Christ, has died, is risen and will come again. Our focus is that as we come to know God’s love we will proclaim this love to the world—a boundless love of the One True God of the universe who through His Son Jesus is reconciling us to Himself.

Shown Center:  The Right Reverend William H. Love, Bishop of the Diocese of Albany. To his left, The Right Reverend Daniel W. Herzog, Bishop, Retired. To his right, The Venerable David J. Collum at his Installation as the 20th
Dean of The Cathedral of All Saints. To the right of Dean Collum is The Right Reverend David S. Ball, Bishop-in-Residence. Joining the Bishops and The Dean are members of the Cathedral Diaconate, Visiting Clergy, and Cathedral Acolytes

Photo: G. Marshall. June, 2010.