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Use of the Cathedral by Outside Groups

Use of the Cathedral by outside groups: the size, location and grandeur of The Cathedral of All Saints can, for some groups, make events held at the Cathedral very memorable. Using the Cathedral for functions is subject to the approval of the Dean. In making the decision the Dean takes the following factors into account.

1. The day of the week and time of day. Specifically, the Cathedral is open for worship everyday of the week, at times having three services spread throughout the day. The routine of worship remains a priority. Having stated this situation, it is recognized that the Cathedral is a large facility with several chapels and is therefore able to support multiple events. One item to note is that events that go late into Saturday night are highly impractical for the Cathedral to host given the demands of Sunday morning.

2. Setup for an event and clean up after an event. The Cathedral has some 350 chairs in its main area (called the Nave) that are linked together in rows of eight. Some event planners desire to move these chairs out of the way. The process requires advance notice and at least six individuals to move the chairs and then to return them to their original configuration.

3. While the above limitations may seem overly restrictive, the Cathedral is well suited for large meetings where speakers are addressing a largely seated audience.

4. The Cathedral has a kitchen facility and dining area in the undercroft
(named Pedersen Hall).

5. On weekends ample parking is available in an adjacent lot on Elk Street.

6. The cost to use the Cathedral is dependent on the function and is established in consultation with the Dean.